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Internship 'The Camera'


Anne Leurs

As part of our work for our partner doccs, we had two interns, Acdaling and Anne, who joined our mobile guild during a period of 5 months. Anne's experiences during the internship are described here.

The Beginning

So let’s start with a small introduction, I’m a second year Software Engineering student and I have done an internship at TheGuild from February to June 2020. During my internship I was working towards one goal: gaining enough knowledge about React Native, Loopback, Virgil and Robo 3T to be able to work on a part of an ongoing project of TheGuild, more specifically the camera part.

I also needed some knowledge about laws pertaining personal data, so the information was encrypted properly in the database, because we would be working with personal medical data. I also had a partner in crime, Acdaling Edusei. He has been a big help during my internship, so I would recommend checking out his blogpost also.

The Process

So, where did I start? I started my journey by looking up tutorials for the coding languages and following them to get to know the languages. I started with React Native, because it would be the language that I would use the most. I started with a tutorial that was recommended by the company, but it was already outdated, so not all parts of the tutorial were working properly. So then I started following the tutorials on the official website of React Native, until those didn’t work anymore.

I then started the tutorials for Loopback. I followed the tutorials on the official website and after I was done with those, I started looking how I could combine Loopback and React Native to work together for a single project. Around the same time I looked at Robo 3T and how I could make a connection with Loopback to my testproject. After I thought that I had learned enough about the code, I decided, together with Acdaling, that it was time to start working on an application, that would have same functionalities as the ones we would have to implement into the ongoing project.

So we started looking into ways to program together, as well as ways to implement a camera into an app with React Native. As time progressed, we started figuring out how the React Native Camera worked and our app made big leaps. Acdaling’s main focus was figuring out how the camera worked, while I looked into React Navigation, because we were having trouble switching between screens, so we needed a better way of navigation. After that part was figured out, we started checking out the database connection and if images were saved correctly.

When we had confirmed that it worked, we started looking into Virgil, because we wanted to start encrypting the data that we were sending to the database. Well actually that is what Acdaling was doing, I was more focused on the design of the app. This is the finished design of login screen and the camera of the demo application.

After a while we decided that the application was finished. This was 2,5 months into our internship, so we still had 2,5 months to go. After we had decided that our test app was done, we got invited to work on the ongoing project, my big goal of the internship. The ongoing project is called doccs and will be an app for the doctors office. You can make appointments through the app and get a refill for your medications, but also chat with your doctor or the assistent. But you can read more about my part in the project in the next paragraph.

At the same time as this decision, quarantine struck in the Netherlands, which meant we had to start working from home. I had a bit of trouble switching the work environment and I felt like I wasn’t doing enough work from home. But the sprint reviews online really helped to see that I was doing enough and that my work was appreciated and welcomed by the whole team.

The End

In the end, my big goal was achieved, I was working on the big project, the ongoing project of TheGuild. While I was working on this project, I was working on one specific part of the application, the camera. But not the gallery, no the camera itself, like Acdaling and I had done for our test app. Acdaling had made the camera in the test app, so I thought, well to learn more, I will take the camera part for this project. So to start I dove into the already existing code for the project to get familiar with the structure of the project and with the coding style. After I got familiar with the code, I started implementing my own code.

I struggled hard with getting the code to work in already existing code, but with a bit of help I managed. At the end of my internship I was really proud of the progress I had made and the things, including the code, I have learned. I really enjoyed my time as an intern at TheGuild and no, I’m not just saying that because they told me to, but because everyone at TheGuild was amazing and from the beginning they were willing to help with whatever they could. There was always time for a question or a conversation. The project itself was amazing to do, but was also challenging at times. I look back at my internship with joy, despite the challenges along the way.