Full-stack (blockchain) development skills are my strong suit, with experience in several languages including JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS, Java, and Python. I also have a lot of strength with server-side DevOps, including software containerisation, container orchestration, and the setup of continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

In past projects I have worked with multiple blockchain technologies, developing solutions with Ethereum smart contracts, Hyperledger Fabric (1.x/2.x), Hyperledger Indy, the Stellar Lumens network, cryptocurrency futures, and IOTA. Next to blockchain development, I am a lecturer for the Blockchain Development course at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences as part of the Blockchain Technology minor.

The largest part of my development knowledge lies within server-side development of both websites and Software as a Service (SaaS). I have worked on backend systems in multiple languages, most involving NodeJS and Python with both MySQL and NoSQL database connections (MariaDB/MongoDB/CouchDB). Along with back-end experience, I have much experience with developing front-end applications (React/React-Native) and the connection aspects between front and back-end, such as encryption.

The largest portion of my DevOps knowledge lies in software containerisation, optimisation, and scalability. I have extensive Docker experience and am well versed in the deployment of containers to cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM Cloud in combination with Kubernetes.

My passion lies with clustered computing, parallel processing, IoT, and algorithms and I am an advocate of sustainable tech, blockchain, self-sovereign identity, Git, React, and Typescript with a special interest in Docker.

I’ve started my IT-journey in high school, where I followed the course computer science. This really woke my interest in programming and got me to learn small parts about a lot of different programming languages, like Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL.

Currently I’m a third-year Software Engineering student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. During these three years I started to learn a new programming language Java. While I was learning Java, I also started learning about programming rules, which was something I hadn’t learned in high school. While Java is my main programming language, I also started learning more and more about JavaScript, HTML, and of course SQL. During my internship I have dabbled with React-Native and with a noSQL database.

My passion is to program in the front-end side of projects and to learn more about the security aspect of IT, more specifically the different algorithms involved in protecting data.

With interest in technology from an early age, I started with creating small front-end projects.After mastering the basics of web development and seeing other people their work I started with creating applications with PHP and fetch data with SQL queries to talk with databases and work with stored data.

Currently I am doing a software engineering study in which I learned to code with Java, this language opened a door in which I learned the importance of Object Oriented Programming.During this study I also started to gain experience in several languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJs and learned to build applications with React/React-Native.

My passion is to create software, motivate and inspire others to achieve their goals. And with that passion I create projects in my spare time and try to learn more about technologies that can help increase my productivity and ultimately achieve my goals.