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Anne Leurs

Front-End Developer

Location Amsterdam Area
Employment Remote / On-Site

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I’ve started my IT-journey in high school, where I followed the course computer science. This really woke my interest in programming and got me to learn small parts about a lot of different programming languages, like Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL.

Currently I’m a third-year Software Engineering student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. During these three years I started to learn a new programming language Java. While I was learning Java, I also started learning about programming rules, which was something I hadn’t learned in high school. While Java is my main programming language, I also started learning more and more about JavaScript, HTML, and of course SQL. During my internship I have dabbled with React-Native and with a noSQL database.

My passion is to program in the front-end side of projects and to learn more about the security aspect of IT, more specifically the different algorithms involved in protecting data.