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Martijn Spitter

Full-stack developer

Location Utrecht Area

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After a fun career in hospitality I was ready for something new. The hospitality is beautiful to work in, but I missed the challenge. I get pleasure from solving problems and to find out how something works and ticks. This combined with an affinity for computers from when I was young (format c: anybody?) led me quickly to coding when I started looking for options for a new career path.

So in the beginning of 2020 I started with a self taught study in frontend development. With a focus on ReactJS. Beforehand I could not have imagined how much I would enjoy coding. How much it would interest me and how much satisfaction I would get from creating apps and websites.

I am back at the beginning of a career and the possibilities seem endless. There are so many interesting directions I could go to. Blockchain, AI, other frameworks or languages, one thing is certain: at TheGuild I am in the right place to develop myself further!