Who are we

TheGuild is an Amsterdam based innovative consultancy bureau founded by Karsten Flierman. He has more than 20 years of experience in Digital Transformation and Innovation.

We help organisations and companies (from startups to corporates) to innovate. We do this by staffing their innovation needs and collaborating on their projects (from concept to product). Like the ancient guilds of artisans we coach students, developers and consultants (from juniors and mediors) to seniority. By nourishing good relationships with various educational institutions we can always tap into young professionals and high potentials who are up to date with state of the art technologies. Our aim is to establish multiple guilds of digital artisans with expertise in relevant trending technologies (AR, VR, BI).

TheGuild is part of Cronos Amsterdam, a quickly growing group of creative and innovative tech companies on IJburg.



Pedro de Medinalaan 81,
1086XP Amsterdam


020 303 05 80